My first week in review

| January 26, 2011

For my first semester at TC I decided to start light with only 2 classes. I’m taking a music technology class and a class on disabilities and exclusions (my special ed requirement).

I can already tell I’m going to enjoy my music tech class. Not only is the professor (and TA for that matter) interesting, but the topics that we will be discussing are as well. Already in the first class, he was talking about some futuristic ideas that I saw as a bit extreme, but I’m loving the freedom I see already as it relates to expressing opinions. Not traditional at all. Perfect!

My special ed class is going to be different. Aside from my minor in psychology, I have never really researched this area. I actually never really thought of the possibility of having to teach someone with a disability. This class is definitely going to open my eyes to some new issues and hopefully shed some light on older ones.

Overall, I’m excited to begin this semester!